Book Review: "Catching Contentment: How To be Holy Satisfied" by Liz Carter

Dear Friends,

I first connected with Liz not that long ago via various groups on Facebook. Although we have never met in person, I still count her as one of my friends. In my opinion, she is an incredible woman of faith who has recently written a 'must-read book'.

I had the privilege of being one of her Beta readers (I'm even mentioned by name amongst other names on her acknowledgements page in her book - I told her it was the next best thing to having a book published myself with my name on the front cover! 😀) I had the pleasure of reading her book a second time when I joined her Facebook Book Launch Team and I plan to read it again. Yes, it really is that good!

So let me tell you a little about Liz Carter's book, "Catching Contentment: How To Be Holy Satisfied"...

This book is a result of a journey Liz went on to explore what contentment really means. Liz explored contentment as described by Paul in his letter to the Philippian Church. She found that Paul's definition is very different to how our world would define it today. In her book, Liz transforms our understanding about contentment, using examples from her own life, the lives of others and truth from God’s Word. Within the pages of her book, we read how true contentment is only found in Jesus and can be experienced despite our trials and suffering. 

Her book is divided into four sections: 

1. Confident Contentment. 
Liz writes:
“In my starkest pain I held on to confidence in the Lord, and discovered that confidence to be a bedrock to contentment.” 

2. Courageous Contentment. 
“Courageous contentment doesn’t anticipate or expect perfection. It lives with a measure of frailty and weakness. It accepts that we may be broken, and does not expect that we wait to be mended before we can hope. The dazzling hope of the gospel is that we are, in fact, whole, because we hold to this life of steadfast hope.” 

3. Captivated Contentment.
“Captivated contentment can be fulfilled only by absolute surrender, in submission that puts aside everything but true and holy worship. And in that submission comes liberation.” 

4. Contagious Contentment. 
“There is nothing more catching for faith than a life lived for Christ without borders, a life lived in all-consuming passion, blazing with vitality and overflowing with unconditional love. Such a life lived in godliness and contentment is so powerfully contagious for the kingdom that its effects reach far into eternity.” 

Each chapter ends with a beautiful prayer. Sometimes it's not easy to know how to pray or what to say – especially when going through struggles. I think any reader will appreciate these prayers and they can make them their own if they wish. 

There is also a section at the end of each chapter to encourage the reader to take some time for personal reflection. This is important if a book is not only going to be read but is also going to change the lives of its readers. 

All that Liz wrote resonated deep within me – her words encouraged me and challenged me to go deeper in my faith and my relationship with God. 

In her conclusion, she gives the reader the challenge that once they have caught contentment for themselves and found it to be so much better than they could ever have imagined, it’s time to throw it to others, that they too might catch contentment and experience for themselves all that it means. 

There are many things I really liked about the book. Here are just some of them: 

The way Liz includes her personal story is touching and very moving. Liz has suffered all her life from a rare lung disease with her lungs slowly deteriorating over the years. She writes with such openness and honesty about her struggles, but never once does it feel like these things define her. You do however get the sense that she is defined by who she is – a child of God. I connected with what she has written and I believe others will too, because we all face difficulties, trials, suffering in one form or another. I also liked that she included examples from the experiences of others. It shows the reader that he/she is not on their own and that there is hope. 

I love that this book is Bible based – not just on the book of Philippians, but on other passages of the Bible too. Whatever Liz wrote was backed up with God's truth which I think is vital because it is God and his Word which have the answers we are searching for. 

Liz has a way of writing which makes for easy reading whilst at the same time giving us deep truths to think on. She writes clearly and simply which means the reader doesn't have to work hard to understand what they are reading. (This is important for me personally as a reader). 

I think this book is great for either the individual reader or for a small group or book club to go through together. People can read a chapter at home and then come together to discuss and share what they have learned. I gained a great deal from being part of the Facebook Book Launch Team and having the opportunity to share, discuss and learn from one another as we read through the book. 

There was so much in each chapter which spoke to me that I couldn’t possibly choose which chapter I liked best. I will, however, say that from a personal point of view, I do believe Chapter 11, written about the dark night of the soul, was such an important chapter to include. 

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I am sure that anyone who chooses to read this book will be blessed by it as I have been. This book is for you, whether you are male or female, whatever your age and wherever you are at in your own spiritual journey.

The publication date for 'Catching Contentment' is Thursday 15th November, but it is available to pre-order now from various places such as AmazonEden and Book Depository.

Please would you take a moment to watch this video about her book:

Liz Carter is an author and blogger who likes to write about life in all its messy, painful, joyous reality. She likes Cadbury’s and turquoise, in equal measure, and lives in the UK with her husband, a church leader, and two crazy teens.

Liz is the author of Catching Contentment: How to be Holy Satisfied, which will be published by IVP in November. This book digs into the lived experience of a life in pain, and what contentment could possibly mean in difficult circumstances.

You can connect with Liz in the following ways:
Facebook: @GreatAdventureLiz
Twitter: @LizCarterWriter



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