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Book Review: Hidden Treasures by Robin Bertram

Dear Friends,

I have recently finished reading Robin Bertram's book,  "Hidden Treasures: Finding Hope at the End of Life’s Journey".

In her book, Robin writes that her purpose for writing it is so the reader “will know what it means to live well and die well.” 

This book is for those who are going through illness, trials and facing death, for those closest to them, their loved ones, and for those who want to know how best to support and care for them.

Each chapter includes: Nuggets of wisdom (Scripture to comfort and encourage)Treasure Chest (a summary of the key points)Shareworthy (quotes)Within the chapters, Robin shares examples from her own life when she faced a life-threatening illness, examples from those she has ministered to in their suffering and examples from the men and women of the Bible.

Not only is this book full of Scriptural truths and promises, it is also full of practical suggestions and help. In the appendix, “Love in Action”, Robin provides advice/suggestio…

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

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Dear Friends,
I'm guessing most of you are familiar with the saying 'the glass is half full or half empty'. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the saying is "used to refer to an attitude of always thinking about the good things in a situation rather than the bad ones".
In my younger years, those closest to me would probably describe me as 'glass half empty' kind of girl. But I think, with God's help, I'm changing to be more of a 'glass half full' kind of girl (although perhaps you'd have to check that once again with those close to me!).
It's my birthday at the weekend - not a special one mind you - but one to celebrate anyway. 😁 Jason and I have also recently celebrated our 23rd Anniversary - again not a significant one, but still cause to celebrate. 
The reason I'm telling you this is because these dates got me thinking. I have now been married for …