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Trust in Your Heavenly Father

Dear Friends,
When I was 8 years old we moved from the town of St. Leonards to the village of Buxted.  One of my favourite memories was when our family would walk through Buxted Park.  It was a lovely green area and home to many deer.  It was a great place to go hunting for chestnuts on an Autumn Saturday afternoon.

On the walk we would pass a small brick building.  My Dad told us it was called a pillbox.  My sister, Trina, and I had never seen one before but there are several throughout England and they were built during World War Two as a form of defence against the enemy.

Trina and I would love to get our Dad to help us up on to the top of it, so we could then have a better view of our surroundings and be high up.  All children seem to have a fascination with being 'King of the Castle'.

The problem came when it was time to get down!  It was too high for us to jump.  Once again we needed help from our Dad.

Dad would say "Jump and I'll catch you.  It's ok."  It a…

Our Creator God

Dear Friends,

Josh's rabbit, Fluffzilla (or Fluff as I prefer to call her!) had some baby bunnies last week. This is her second lot of babies.  Just before she was due to give birth she pulled out a lot of her fur.  I've learnt that she does this for two reasons, firstly to use her fur to make a nest so that her babies are safe, comfortable and warm, and secondly, the fur she pulls out is from her tummy so that it is easier for her babies to feed from her.  So she cares and provides nourishment for them.

I am fascinated by this.  This mummy rabbit does not behave in this way because of evolution or because of 'mother nature' but because this is the way God has created her.  God has given her the instinct to care, protect and provide for her young.  She is living out God's purpose for her.

God and his creation is awesome!  Wherever we look we can see his hand at work.  In the blossoming of a flower, the tuneful melody of birdsong,  a rushing waterfall,  young chicks f…


Dear Friends,

I enjoy being on my own and doing things by myself.  I like to do things in my own way and my own time.  To be in control.  To have freedom of choice and the freedom to organise myself. That's why I enjoy blogging.  I am responsible for when I write, what I write and when I post it.  I don't need to check with anyone else. 

Although that is my preferred way of working, I also recognise the value of working with others - working in a team.  You may be familiar with the acronym T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More.  It may sound corny to you, but it is so true.

God never created us to be self-sufficient, to do things on our own, all the time.  He recognised right from the beginning that it was not good for Adam, the first human, to be on his own.  He needed someone like him for relationship and animals could not meet that need, that's why God created Eve.  They were to help one another, to fulfil God's purpose together.

I've learnt over the years that …