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How to Run Your Race

Dear Friends,

It's so good to be back after a few weeks break over the summer period.

The following story is thanks to a friend of mine for bringing it to my attention.

My friend recently posted a news clip on Facebook from BBC News with the title "US runner praised after stopping mid-race to help fallen rival".  The story is about two athletes who were competing in the qualifying heat for the 5,000 metres.  Hamblin, the New Zealand Athlete fell and as she did she also tripped up US athlete, D'Agostino.  Instead of getting up and running on D'Agostino helped Hamblin to her feet, encouraging her to finish the race. Later D'Agostino fell as she had been injured from the first fall and this time it was Hamblin's turn to help her up and encourage her to keep going.  They were both awarded the International Fair Play Committee Award Medal for their Olympic spirit.

In the Bible the writer Paul uses the example of athletes and running a race as an illustration of ou…