Book Review: The Diary of a (trying to be holy) Mum by Fiona Lloyd

Dear Friends,

I have recently finished reading "The Diary of a (trying to be holy) Mum" by Fiona Lloyd. 

Here's my book review...

Having this book in diary form is such a good idea. It's a book filled with the right balance of humour and touching moments. 

The reader gets to see who Becky (the main character) really is as she shares her thoughts, the situations she faces, her relationships with various people, such as her husband, her children, her Mum, Mother-in-law, her friends and her conversations with God. Becky is such an easy character to connect with. She comes across as someone so genuine and relatable, the kind of person you would like as your friend. 

The reader sees the struggles she faces of not feeling "good enough" as a Mum, a friend, a Christian. She is way too hard on herself (as many of us are). But the reader also sees from the way she interacts with others that she is "good enough". We also get to see the journey she goes on as a Christian. 

So often as a Mum, it can feel like we're the only one feeling like this or we're the only one who is going through this, but this book encourages us by showing us the truth that it's not "just me". 

For me, the book also showed the importance and value of friendships through the women's study group she belongs to. 

This book is a great, uplifting, enjoyable read and I would particularly recommend it to any Mum (or carer of children) at whatever season of life they are in.

Fiona Lloyd is vice-chair of the Association of Christian Writers, and is married with three grown-up children. 

Her first novel, The Diary of a (trying to be holy) Mum, was published by Instant Apostle in January 2018. Fiona has also had short stories published in Woman Alive and Writers’ News, and has written articles for Christian Writer and Together Magazine. 

She has a passion to encourage women to grow in relationship with God, and to understand that they are loved and accepted. 

Fiona works part-time as a music teacher, and is a member of the worship-leading team at her local church.

Ways to connect with Fiona:
Twitter: @FionaJLloyd
Twitter: @FionaLloyd16  (this account is based on the characters from Fiona's book and so is in Becky's voice.)



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