Beauty out of Brokenness by Claire Musters

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to have Claire Musters as a guest on my blog today. I recently connected with her on Facebook when I joined her 'Taking Off the Mask Launch Group'. Earlier this month she published her book, "Taking Off the Mask" and I reviewed it a few weeks ago on this blog. (If you missed it, click here to read it.) 

Over to Claire...

Having walked through a particularly painful episode in my own life, and then seen how God has redeemed it years later is so encouraging. In fact He has now actually called me to share what was a very shameful part of my past in my latest book, Taking Off the Mask - although it holds no shame for me today. 

I think it is so important that we are honest with one another - about our struggles and pain but also about the joys we experience in life with Him. I have seen time and time again how He has transformed my brokenness and turned it into something beautiful. Here is an extract from my book, in which I talk about an image that helps explain this wonderful mystery to me: 

"The Japanese art form Kintsugi can be useful when thinking about how God uses our brokenness and 
Photo credit:
Lakeside Pottery Studio
pain. The Bible says that ‘we have this treasure in jars of clay’ (2 Corinthians 4:7) and that God is the one who fashions us, the clay: ‘We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand’ (Isaiah 64:8). Kintsugi is the specialized method of repairing broken pots and other ceramics with a special lacquer that is mixed with precious metal (gold, silver or platinum). This holds the broken pieces back in place together and, the wonderful thing is, the repaired item is viewed as even more desirable than the original.

"I love that image, as it speaks to me about what God has done in my own life. He has particularly used the hardest, most broken parts of my past (yes, even those that were due to my own mistakes and sins) to reach out to others. As I have humbled myself before him, repented and then allowed his healing to come he has redeemed them and made them beautiful through that process. His glory has shone through my weakness. That is the message of hope and grace that I believe we should be speaking to one another. That being a new creation does not mean ignoring what we have been through – or disregarding our present difficulties – rather it is that sense of allowing God’s transformation power to be at work in our lives."

To Think About:

Is there is a broken part of yourself that you could offer up to God today and see how He transforms it into a thing of beauty? 

Claire is a writer, speaker and editor. 
You can find out more about her at where you can also buy a signed copy of her latest book Taking Off the Mask. 

Her book is also available at Christian bookshops, and



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